Keto Manager

How to use Keto Manager?

All the cells in your body require energy (ATP) to perform their function. Energy can be created by eating macronutrients: carbohydrates, protein or fat. Each macronutrient requires a different process in order to convert to energy.

During glycolysis, your blood is full of sugar molecules. In contrast, during ketosis, your blood is circulating with ketone energy molecules.

Most people rely on carbohydrates (CHO) for their energy source.  After you eat carbohydrates, they turn into sugar (glucose) in your bloodstream. The process is called glycolysis. When you eat a lot of carbohydrates, you end up with high blood sugar. Some of the blood sugar is used for energy, while the rest is pushed into fat cells by insulin release. Diabetes, premature aging, and inflammation are downfalls to this metabolic cycle.

Lipolysis and Ketosis

If you eat a diet high in fat (50% or more) your liver will produce ketones to fuel your cells. When you are in a state of “ketosis” the ketones will be delivered to your cells to be used as fuel.

"Lipo" means 'fat' and "lysis" means 'to release,' therefore, Lipolysis means releasing fat. When blood sugar is depleted, by not eating carbohydrates, your liver begins to break down stored fat. The fat molecules are released from storage in your cells and converted to ketone bodies (ketones). The ketones enter your bloodstream and are shuttled to cells. Your cells use the ketones to produce energy.

Once lipolysis occurs, you are in the metabolic state called ketosisThe ketones are measurable in your breath, urine, and bloodstream. The most accurate testing is by blood monitoring.

Protein for Energy

When you eat a large amount of protein without fat or carbohydrates, your liver will create blood sugar from the amino acids found in the proteins you eat. This process is gluconeogenesis. "Gluco" means 'sugar,' "neo" means 'new.' and "genesis" means 'to produce.' The word literally means, creating new sugar.

Right now, at this moment, your body is either working by ketosis or glycolysis. There is only a low likelihood that your body is producing energy by gluconeogenesis.

Ketosis is the preferred metabolic state for your body and brain. The keto metabolic state has far more health benefits than the glycolysis metabolic state (sugar burning). The SAD (Standard American Diet) has made most people dependent on sugar and carbohydrates for energy. Switching your metabolism to a fat burning state (keto) can be challenging. Your best tool for success is Keto Manager.

Will I Get Diarrhea When Taking Keto Supplements?

When a keto supplement includes ketones (most do), the ketone salts (ketones) can cause digestive upset in sensitive individuals. There is a very small risk of loose bowels or diarrhea so I recommend starting slow and building to a full dose.