Keto Manager

About Us

We developed Keto Manager for you and for us. In this fast-paced world, we all need to optimize our nutrient intake. We want the best from our bodies, just like you do. We know that your biggest challenge is finding balance; so we developed Keto Manager to help you find a balance in your brain, your weight, and your energy levels.

Our philosophy:

We believe in epigenetics, nutrigenomics, biohacking, ketosis, and eating for longevity. Just like you, we practice Intermittent Fasting, the low-carbohydrate lifestyle, and ketosis.

Our parent company Critical Wellbeing was founded out of necessity. There are many supplement companies out there and not all of them care about improving your health. We curate a collection of nutraceuticals that meet our quality and efficacy standards---in other words, we only sell supplements that are based on scientific research.

We are a family owned and operated business. Even though our staff members are not blood-related, we all work together for our common goal: sourcing and delivering high-quality nutraceuticals and education.